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200cid 1V 6-cyl 120 hp   T Code
289cid 2V V-8 200 hp   C Code
289cid 4V V-8 225 hp   A Code
289cid* 4V V-8 271 hp Hi-Po K Code
289cid** 4V V-8 306 hp    
289cid*** 4V V-8 390 hp    

*Also available on Shelby G.T. 350
**Shelby G.T. 350-R
***Shelby G.T. 350S


Antique Bronze
Arcadian Blue
Brittany Blue
Candy Apple Red*
Dark Moss Green (late '66)
Ivy Green Metallic*
Light Beige
Maroon Metallic
Medium Palomino Metallic
Medium Silver Metallic
Nightmist Blue
Raven Black*
Sahara Beige
Sapphire Blue (Shelby only)
Sauterne Gold
Signalflare Red
Silver Blue
Silver Blue Metallic
Silver Frost
Springtime Yellow
Tahoe Turquoise
Vintage Burgundy
Wimbledon White*
*Also available on Shelbys


Convertible, standard $2,652
Coupe, standard $2,416
Fastback, standard $2,607
Shelby G.T. 350 $4,428


Convertible, standard 56,409
Convertible, bench seats 3,190
Convertible, luxury 12,520
Coupe, standard 422,416
Coupe, bench seats 21,397
Coupe, luxury 55,938
Fastback, standard 27,809
Fastback, luxury 7,889
Total 607,568
Shelby Production
G.T. 350 1,368
G.T. 350 Convertible 4
G.T. 350 H (Hertz) 1,001
G.T. 350 Race cars 4
G.T. 350S (Supercharged) 11
Total 2,388


Vehicle Identification Numbers
6 Last digit of model year
R Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose, T-Metuchen)
07 Body code (07-coupe, 08-convertible, 09-Fastback)
C Engine code
100001 Consecutive unit number



Shelby Vehicle Identification Numbers
SFM Shelby Ford Mustang
6 Last digit of model year
S S-Street, R-Race

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